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Clyde Banks (Rap Game Song)Ratings-Zim Rap City

Overview Clyde Banks (Rap Game)

A few days ago ‘Clyde banks’ dropped his most undisputed track titled ‘Rap Game’

A few months ago he was so eager to market his track leaving his fans thirsty for the new drop
Coming from his mouth he said he wouls drop a mind blowing track first week of May that he did And on the mind blowing part..
Let’s get into the story and find out if the so called ‘Mofasa’ delivered.

1-Why did he drop a picture into picture audio
‘Clyde Banks’ told his fans that he was going to drop the audio and the video
But on the word audio it seems like the royal records family turned out to be amateurs by giving us a picture into picture audio instead of a video or a proper mp3 file .

2-Is Rap Game That much of a mind blowing track
‘Rap game’ is a good track I personally think it is a mind blowing track but according to the people I interviewed here is what they had to say
I would rate ‘Rap Game’ 6/10 he had a nice flow
And I like when his backing vocals went like (rap game ndoifira)man I mean that part is addictive
I would rate rap game 7/10 I just like the track it says a lot when it comes to the ‘im-hip-hop new era’

Due to those comments and more still coming I think the so called Mofasa(Clyde Banks ) did well on his new track dispite some broken promises like the fact (where the hell is our video royal records Family)

Rate Rap Game on comments below Royal Records page on youtube

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