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Matic Rhymes is presently demonstrated a best narrating lyrist since he record his melody Sarah-Zim Rap City

Matic Rhymes is down for serious projects since he had draw huge attention of listeners and his fellow musicians when he released his song titled Sarah which was part of his album ‘Destiny’.

When Matic was interviewed he stated “all 8 songs on destiny album are all the same and all of them are targeting different grounds but people will choose their taste,others like ‘mwana wevhu’ and others prefer ‘port of gold” said Matic.

Matic Rhymes has proven one of the best Zimbabwean story telling rapper when he realesed his song ‘Sarah’ which he featured Queented one of the upcoming vocalist.This young musician also said he is not aiming higher but he want to explore within his music to different ends.

Matic Rhymes so far recorded 3 Ep’s and 1 album and many singles from 2015 when he started his music career and he also worked on 1 video titled Told you featuring Leslie Huss.Currently this rapper is working on 3 videos with different musicians.

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