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Who is a better female rapper, Slinx or Natasha Muz?-Zim Rap City

Hailing from Chitungwiza is Natasha Muz  one of the breakout female voices in hiphop for 2018.Having released a few solid singles,she has perfomed on a couple of shows around the country as well as put in work with various rappers including Ti Gonzi,Biznez and Kent amongst others.Born Natasha Muromba 22 years ago Miss Muz has previously described her style as all encompassing saying she can body any style from rap,afropop to house  though HipHop seems to occupy a special place in her heart.

Queen Slinx is one of the more divisive figures in rap this year. Her single track “Hold It” proves that she has a fanbase to score a proper solo hit. “ Hold it” is a pretty accurate encapsulation of Slinx appeal. Her approach is clicking with a younger audience, and there’s no reason for her to turn away from the candy-coated world she created for herself.

  • Who is a better rapper, Slinx or Natasha Muz?

    • Natasha Muz
    • Slinx

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