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Who’s a Better Rapper: R-Peels or Stunner?-Vote-Zim Rap City

R-Peels was born in the suburb of Warren Park in the year 1994. He started rapping because he was inspired by US Rapper/Business mogul Sean “Jay Z” Carter and besides being mainly a rapper, Peels says he also does poetry. He is the oldest in a family of 6. Most parents in Zimbabwe tend to look down on the arts industry especially when one of their offspring decides to venture into it. Peels was very fortunate to be borne of folks who actually wanted to help him live his dream of being a rapper. They even offered to send him to school to study music which would give him an edge over most rappers who just wake up and start spitting.

Stunner belongs to the earliest crop of local musicians who invented the genre now called the “Urban Grooves”. He did so together with his contemporaries such as Roki, Leonard Mapfumo, Jamal, Betty Makaya, Maskiri and Extra Large. His rise to fame coinicided with the growing popularity which the genre was enjoying during this period. There was generally good coverage of the genre by local radio stations such as Power FM and Star FM which were operating under the 75% local content initiative which was crafted by the then head of the Ministry of Information and Publicity Jonathan Moyo. His popularity began to gather momentum when some of his songs began to top the billboard in local competitions such as the Power FM top 20 show which was held every Saturday afternoon. He also performed at a number of national events such as Heroes celebrations, Unity Day galas among other events.

  • Who’s a Better Rapper: R-Peels or Stunner?

    • R-Peels
    • Stunner

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